FatMax V-Max Photos
V-Max Custom V-Max by FatMax
Enlarge Custom X-Max with scoops
Custom X-Max with FutureMax Tailpiece, FutureMax Faux Tank, FatMax fender, Stage 7 kit, K&N's, Holeshot exhaust, powder coated frame, reinforced swingarm, Race Tech springs, Race Tech gold valves, Furbur Fix, fork brace, progressive shocks, custom fairing, custom seat and polished wheels, engine parts and forks
V-Max Custom V-Max with FatMax Classic Faux Tank, custom handlebars, fender, headlight, footpegs, seat, cobra pipes and lowered one inch

Black V-Max with FatMax Faux Tank, FatMax Tailpiece and FatMax Side Covers
1992 V-Max with Scoops and Air Dam